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Date Issue
21st July 2016 8.02am BT Wholesale have a major outage in docklands affecting a large number of broadband customers.

8.33am Problem has been identified as a power outage.
9.45am Power restored, connections are re-establishing.
8th June 2013 Exchange server down since 10.30am Engineers are recovering the server.
17th Oct 2010 Main switch failure at 19:00, engineer unable to fix. 21:00 second engineer dispatched with replacement router. Fix complete 00:30.
10th Mar 2010 Raid failure on email server 19:20, engineer on site, fixed in 6 hours.
17th Oct 2009 Outage in Global Switch affecting all web and email services from 22:00 until 02.00 due to infrastructure failure.
17th Aug 2006 Outage in Global Switch affecting all web and email services from 22:30 until 07:50 due to DOS attack on switch.
16th July 2006 Outage in Global Switch affecting all web and email services from 11:30 until 15:30 due to failed router. Engineer called out and router replaced.
4th Mar 2006 Routing problems for some ADSL customers prevented access to our web and mail servers from 13:21 until 16:21 today. Web and email fully accessible to the rest of the internet.
16th Dec 2005 Email and web servers lost routing to the Internet at 11:28. Engineers corrected problem at 14:30.
24th Nov 2005 Webmail came under attack at 18:48, the site was moved by 19:10 and fully operational by 22:50.
14th Oct 2005 Planned ADSL outage for all customers between 7:00am and 8:30am to increase the capacity of the ADSL network.
23rd May 2005 At 11:23 this morning the ADSL home gateway serving the ADSL connections was the victim of a denial of service attack. This caused the router to stop responding on all interfaces as the processor was at 100%. The router started responding again at 11:26. At this time we can see many ADSLs reconnecting.

If any users cannot reconnect they should make sure that they have rebooted their router.

23rd Mar 2005 Unplanned Web Service outage between 7:53 and 8:16 today due to external attack.
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